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Urban Justice (2007)


From IMDB:

Seagal plays a man with a dark and violent past, who seeks revenge for the murder of his son.

What a gripping plot outline… WOW! I am taken back with such strong report that I can’t help to watch now. It’s a good thing that a fanboy gave him a really good review on IMDB or he might not have anything to wake up for the next morning.

The ever enigmatic Steven Seagal, whose career has been socially unimportant for years (even when he thought otherwise), is once again trying to stage a comeback of sorts on this straight to DVD release. Urban Legend isn’t a bad movie and I would have to say that is really well put together for a flick that can be found right off the bat at your local video store (maybe not Blockbuster but more of the mom and pop type if you can still find one), it touches on subjects that haven’t been relevant to most of America that isn’t in the big cities for years. Yeah we know that big cities have gangs, drug problems and crooked cops. Hell crooked cops are everywhere but it’s nothing new. Maybe the only social relevance there is to this movie is that it may strike close to home with Mr. Seagal amid the allegations of mob involvement. Who knows maybe he can garner a little bit of support for his acting from his own life experience in that area but I doubt that will ever happen and who would really give a rats ass if it ever does happen. Sorry dude you’re just not that important anymore. Now back to the movie part of this thing.

The story starts out with a small look at a guy that likes to take pictures. You don’t even find out he’s a cop really until he’s dead, and he dies in the most unoriginal of ways. He’s told to meet a contact somewhere at sometime, he waits, gets a hangup call and the next thing you know, instead of just staying in his car and maybe driving around for a bit, he gets out and decides to have a quick look around. In a bad neighborhood the first thing I want to do is get out of my car and see if anything is going on. A car drives up slowly and without even a pause, BANG! Blood goes all over the place and makes for a decent cinematic. The end for our poor camera dude.

At the funeral stands a dark figure in the background and come to find out after the 21 gun salute he is the fallen cops dad. Aw fuck it there’s just not anymore that you really need to know but if you must here it goes.

He gets really mad in that unassuming sort of way that is signature Seagal. He moves into the bad neighborhood and starts beating the crap out of bad guys to try to find his sons killer. Nothing really new here. The only fresh part is that we haven’t seen Steven’s moves in so long they somehow seem new for a while and it makes you want to watch more. I wouldn’t want to put him on the floor with Jet Li because I really would hate to see the death of his geriatric ass in front of millions. Does he still pull off his Aikido moves as well as he used to? Yeah they are every bit as fluid and effortless as you remember them being and maybe even a bit better than some of his best films that he has done. He really keeps his self true to form and is classic Steven Seagal all the way. Despite my personal misgivings with our hero because he has been out of the lime light for so long and stopping watching him after he put out that dog of a movie “On Deadly Ground”. I was glad to see him back in true old fashioned, kick your ass and I don’t care what the fuck your name is asshole, fashion. I’ll have to say it’s a performance that has been missed from him in a while.

Armand Tucker (Eddie Griffin) : Get the fuck outta my God damn house! I ain’t killed a bitch in a week. God damnit…

If you can find it and are really in need of a good ole’ Seagal flashback with some better camera work pick it up. You won’t be disappointed. It’s not going to be a movie for everyone and those of you out there know who you are. All the girly men can just stay home for this one and the rest of us can once again enjoy something reminiscent of the good days when Jean Claude was the shit and really believing that there wasn’t going to be another Rocky film. Put some popcorn in the microwave and dust off that old thing called a VCR (OOOPS I forgot this was out on DVD 😉 ) and enjoy a decent night in.

This movie gets a generous 3/5 stars.