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Straightheads – Closure(2007)


From IMDB:

After surviving a gang attack, a middle-class couple embark on a violent spree.

Opening the movie we are introduced to Alice (Gillian Anderson) and Adam (Danny Dyer) in a series of events that lead them to be infatuate lovers. It’s not surprising that after the the downturn of Gillian Andersons’ career from the X-files that she would have to bear a little skin to capture the audiences attention. It’s not entirely tasteless but it seems to me to be more of a ploy to get you to see more of how the movie is going to play out and to an extent it works. It’s kind of sad though that some female actresses feel that they have to go to those lengths to try to capture some screen attention when their career has really slowed down. Her performance must have reached out to someone that takes notice because she is on the books to be in 4 more movies. The busiest that she has been since she was starring in the X-files.

Adam and the much older Alice seem to be having a very solitary fun night out, going to a party and sneaking off to have clothed sex outside the house they are at. When they decide to leave, the thrill of the night still stays with Adam. He can’t believe that he bagged this amazing cougar and proclaims that this is the best day of his life. all seems to be going well until they pass a truck on the road which Adam flips off and a few moments later while Alice isn’t paying attention hit a dear full on with her Lexus. This has to be one of the least damaging deer hits that I have ever seen. It was hard enough to bust up the cars windshield but not had enough to do damage to the grill or the bumper, in the scene following the car doesn’t have any damage to even the windshield, oops. You have to love the artistic license that you can have in a movie or maybe it was the incongruity that the director thought the audience wouldn’t catch to try to save a little money on having the car repaired. It’s not too distracting though, just more of a personal bitch than anything.

After hitting the deer and sending it for a loop (of course it’s not dead) the couple comes up with the bright idea of moving it off the road and trying to finish it off with a tire iron. That’s where there mistake comes in. Waisting time to do something that they think is humane when they are approached by the same truck they had passed earlier full of roughnecks that would like nothing more than to party in their own fashion. Proceeding to beat the dog shit out of Adam and deciding to have a nice bit of soul reducing rape with Alice with a gun to her head. The beaten and battered couple try to come to terms with the ordeal they have just experienced the next morning while still in the woods, and thus sets the tone for the rest of the plot.

A month later the couple still hasn’t come to terms with the ordeal of the horrible events of that night. Poor Adam, standing in front of a mirror after playing some video of Alice undressing, can’t even get a good wank going after because his life is in such ruins from the ordeal. Nothing like seeing a 20 something guy jerkin’ his gherkin and crying the whole time this is going on. This guy is really fucked up from all this. Not able to do much else with his life except crash on the couch, smoke weed and feel really sorry for himself. Alice, in the mean time, has decided to go off a do a little exploring and is gone for a couple of days. She finally finds the guy that she believes raped her.

The plot for revenge sets in for the couple and they turn their lives toward vigilante justice when they haven’t received help for their case from the proper authorities. Firing guns off in a field begins the detachment with what is left of normalcy for the couple, as if anything is ever normal after you go through a night as the two of them has experienced. They have to start small though before working their way up to bigger prey so the couple sets their sites on a helpless dog . Adam becomes weaker as the moments pass and Alice proceeds to set things straight by smacking him in the face and bring her part of reality to light. She wasn’t going to be having anymore of this shit in her life and revenge is cold in her heart.

The movie plays out well through to the end and you really have a feel for the tension that this couple has trying to deal with life.

Jillian Anderson and Danny Dyer bring a very convincing chemistry to the screen and a impassioned sense of how would a person really feel if they ever had to go through such an ordeal. This is a strong story with some very well rounded actors that pull this off without a hitch. The tensions builds an crescendos drawing you more into the plight of the villains. Making you wonder if Adam and Alice are really going to be able to pull off this self redeeming quest or if they are going to lose more of their souls in reacting to their tumultuous plot against their attackers.

This movie gets a 4/5 stars