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D@bbe (2006) – Turkish Horror


From IMDB:

A very large number of people start to commit suicide using brutal and horrible techniques and without any reasons. Starting from the United States, this suicide wave spreads all over the world. In Turkey, in a small town called Selcuk, a young man kills himself after a long, night he spends on the Internet. Following the incident, his best friends start to get strange e-mails from him. They also start seeing horrible creatures around themselves–this is just the begining of the apocalypse. Turkey’s Amazing answer to KAIRO (PULSE).

Director/writer Hasan Karacadag brings to the screen a low budget film that is put together pretty well under those circumstances. While the acting maybe be subpar for this kind of flick, it’s still nice to see an unknown cast try to make of a movie, of this kind, relevant to it’s native audience. If you have seen Pulse (2006) or Kairo (J-2001) you know what this film is about. It doesn’t deviate from the story much except to give it’s home audience some cultural significance to draw their attention to the story.

The camera work/special effects are nice and the sets give a fresh perspective of what can be done on a limited budget. The score gives an appropriately creepy feel to the movie, drawing you into the notions that something is amiss just around the corner, and the makeup work is very believable. Even with poor acting, these are areas that low budget American films have missed on in the past, ‘The Woods Have Eyes’ (2007) for example. Yes I know that the later movie had to come up with an original story to it and that must have taken some effort on the part of Frank Adonis and Anthony Indelicato, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for poor movie making. You can lose an audiences attention if you don’t have enough of the right elements to make a movie entertaining, and being low budget or new to film shouldn’t be an excuse for those shortcomings. Japanese horror has been working on limited budgets for years and have been able to turn out quality movies that span cultures easily.

Practically everyone in this cast had little to no screen presence before making ‘D@bbe’ and despite that they still pulled off the movie, though the freshman acting styles are evident in this film. I would not have know that this was Hasan Karacadag’s first film if it had not been for the movies IMDB profile. It was fun to watch despite it’s obvious shortcomings and cultural boundaries that are foreign to me. I would be more than pleased to watch another offering from the director in the horror genre if he ever directs another.

This movie gets 3/5 stars


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