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The Abandoned (2006)


From IMDB:

An adopted woman returns to her home country to the family home that she never knew and must face to mystery that lies there.

Credited with an obscure but seasoned international cast, Lions Gate entertainment brings to the screen a mystery of a woman adopted 40 years ago that has to unravel the horrors of her, unknowingly, haunted past.

Marie Jones (Anastasia Hille) makes her way back to her birth country of Russia to figure out the details of her adoptive past. Aided as best as possible by a Russian attorney looking into the case for Marie, she comes to find out that her birth parents are dead and that there is no record of her having siblings. Luckily for her she has been awarded custody of the estate that she has no memory of. An abandoned farm on a small island in the middle of a river secluded from any vestiges of civilization.

With a creepy feel and an engaging story it’s easy to get lost in the workings of the screenplay. Though it starts out a little slow, you are soon treated to interesting characters that haunt Marie and eerie sets that set the tone for this dramatic horror film.

Soon after Marie arrives she is greeted by a ghostly figure that appears everywhere she turns only to be left alone in the end by her guide Anatoliy (Carlos Reig_Plaza). After suffering a fall into the lake we are introduced to Nicolai (Karel Roden) and after some unassuming dialog we find out that he believes that they are fraternal twins with both of their identities showing their birth on the same day. Nicolai, of course being in the same home to straighten out the details his own sorted past. Upon inspection of an old tattered picture of their mother tries to convince Marie that they need to find out what happened to their birth mother. Soon clues begin to unfold for them both. A knife in a room with old blood on the floor, the room with a pair of cribs sharing their names respectively. It looks as though something truly awful may have been kept from both of them.

The story unfolds smoothly and creepy characters are introduced throughout the film to keep the viewers attention. ‘The Abandoned’ keeps the dramatic prose going through a well written script. The cast has to keep their wits or they will succumb to their own paranoia.

In the end what was truly abandoned though? An old farm house in the middle of nowhere or a murderous past that our characters are never supposed to have an idea about.

This movie gets 2.5/5 stars for mass appeal and some incongruities with the story (ending mainly)  and a 4/5 stars because I like creepy movies 😀


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