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Mr. Woodcock (2007)


From IMDB:

Taken aback by his mother’s wedding announcement, a young man returns home in an effort to stop her from marrying his old high school gym teacher, a man who made high school hell for generations of students.

Billy Bob Thorton (Mr. Woodcock), Seann William Scott (John Farley), and Susan Sarandon (Beverly Farley) team up with a very outgoing cast.

John Farley is a noted self help author that hails from Forrest Meadow, Nebraska an unassuming small farming community and after being gone from his home town for a period of time is invited back, at the reluctance of his publicist, to receive the coveted “Corn Cob Key” to the city.

With the signature comedy of Billy Bob and the stereotypical comedy of Sean William that we have become accustomed to in previous flicks, it’s only a matter of time before the movie takes on a good array of slapstick humor that is good for many laughs.

Soon after John arrives back home to accolades and a very warm welcome from his mother, Beverly, we find out that she has been dating the infamous Mr. Woodcock who was and is the bane of children everywhere and to the folks that he is around when they do something that he sees as wrong. Time to take a lap loser. Even with 13 years behind him since John had Mr. Woodcock for a gym teacher he is still haunted by his past that he has tried so hard to put behind him and let go.

As time goes on John tries to accept the relationship between Mr. Woodcock and his mother. Beverly is blind to the horrors that lay in her sons past at the hands of his former teacher and blindly goes through the movie wishing the best for both of them and wanting nothing more than to make both of the guys in here life a part of the same small happy family. John just can’t seem to comes to terms with his past and “Just let go” in this one instance and is haunted in his sleep by the repetitive gestures of Mr. Woodcock and the new found interest in his mother.

Can John ever learn to grow a set of balls and face this terror from his past that has wrecked havoc on so many children through his callousness and fear mongering, or is saying “I’m sorry” really only for convicts and the weak minded?

It makes for good fun to watch John struggle with himself about the pure hatred that he has with his former teacher and walking on eggshells when he has to be around him. How would the rest of us survive in life with a true to life Mr. Woodcock? I am loser and damn proud of it… suck it people! 🙂

This movie gets 3.5/5 stars


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